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Group Workshop:
Table Thai & More

For the client on the massage table

Kay Rynerson, LMP Having taught this workshop for many years, I have welcomed and celebrated the fine-tuning of familiar moves and the introduction of new moves from students in classes who have generously shared their knowledge. Any gathering of massage therapists is a gold mine of wisdom and creativity based on experience in the treatment room, and I am a dedicated miner.

In the course of this two-day class you will learn passive stretches for every part of the client's body in the supine, side lying and prone positions on the massage table.

These stretches, which I've collected and field-tested since 1988, are adapted from many diverse modalities including Traditional Massage of Thailand, which I have taught and practiced for many years.

Although Thai massage is traditionally done on a mat on the floor with the recipient fully clothed, many of the moves, with some changes, can be performed on a massage table.

The stretches you will learn can be done with the client awake or sound asleep, draped or fully clothed. You will learn specific treatment modalities for plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. We will explore treatments for low back pain and range-of-motion issues for the neck, shoulders and hips. You will learn techniques including the 30-second stretch, fascial release and the saltwater taffy method and their various applications.

We start each day's class with self-stretching on a mat on the floor, enabling you to prepare your body to work. Many of the self-stretches are adapted from the moves you will be doing on the massage table. The stretches are thorough and gentle. As we stretch I will lead a verbal review of anatomy so we can visualize exactly what we are stretching.

You will learn passive stretches for every part of the client's body in the supine, side lying and prone positions on the massage table. These stretches are adapted from many diverse modalities with the majority of them adapted from traditional Thai Massage.



Group Workshop:
Thumbs-Free Massage

Love doing massage but your thumbs are
wearing out?
Come to this workshop and explore all the other tools at your disposal. Learn a 90-minute routine for the client on the massage table that you can do with your thumbs completely at rest. Using a combination of modalities from the instructor's 23 years of experience doing bodywork, including techniques adapted from ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai massage, sports massage and more, you will learn to give a thorough treatment with many possibilities. You can keep it light, or go as deep as the client can take it, using knuckles, forearms, elbows and even knees.

You will take home a step-by-step, illustrated handout with text, so no note taking will be necessary.

Each day's class starts with a 45-minute self-stretch session, so please dress comfortably.

Comments From Past Thumbs-Free Class:
"Really like Kay's teaching style!! Loved learning new ways to massage without thumbs."

"I liked the instructor's attitude, confidence, and willingness to receive input from students."



Group Workshop:
Hands On/Clothes On

This workshop will give you the necessary skills to address the fully-clothed client who is standing, sitting upright or on top of the massage table.

Whether promoting your practice at a sporting or social event, working on a client for whom disrobing is a challenge, getting friends and family members out of pain quickly, doing massage in a semi-public situation such as a hospice bed or wheelchair, you need effective techniques that don't hurt your body. Thorough, effective and safe, the techniques you will learn include rocking, stretching, point work, tapotement, squeezing, and more.

With over 24 years of experience in bodywork, the instructor has gleaned techniques from Traditional Chinese Tuina, Thai massage, sports massage, pin-and-stretch, trigger point work and more. The emphasis is always on good body mechanics and minimizing the use of your precious, irreplaceable thumbs. Fists, forearms, and the intelligent use of leverage get you a long way toward great work without compromising your own body.

A fully illustrated handout with descriptive text means you won't have totake a single note.



Group Workshop:

Boundaries and Communications Up Close and Personal and Practicing Shameless Self-Promotion

Ever been at your son's soccer game, your neighborhood farmer's market or your hair styling salon and wanted to let everyone know that you can address that aching knee, sore low back or stress-related headache with your wonderful hands? I know you can walk the walk. How do you tastefully and subtly let those around you know that you can make them feel better by coming to see you? Let's rehearse! In this section of the class you will write up a two-minute self-promotion speech (with a specific audience in mind), present it to the group and get some constructive feedback to enable you to talk the talk.

In this section of the class you will write a brief synopsis of a boundaries and/or communications related incident that has happened to you or to someone you know in the course of your massage practice. My assistant and myself will choose some of the juiciest ones and act them out for you. Together we will explore ways to address the situation based on ideas from the best-selling Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, by a team of Harvard researchers. We will then re-enact the scenarios with an informed approach.

Come prepared to participate and have some fun!

4 Hours, taught by Kay Rynerson, LMP



Group Workshop:
Ethics for Washington State LMPs

(Taught with Dawn Schmidt, LMP)

Ever wonder:

  • What your rights and responsibilities are if you are sexually harassed by a client?
  • How the state defines a kickback?
  • What you can legally sell?
  • For how long are you required to keep medical records?
  • What's the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?
  • How long you have to wait if you want to date a client?
  • What does HIPAA mean to you?
  • What do you do if you know someone is practicing massage without a license?
  • Can you charge a higher rate for insurance clients?

These questions and many more will be answered in a six hour ethics class specific to residents of Washington.

Through the use of discussion topics, scenarios, self-examination and small-group interaction, we will tackle larger issues as well, such as personal boundaries, client communication and ethical business practices.

Your biggest question may be:
Even though the state requires four hours of ethics in order to renew my massage license in 2012, and the NCBTMB requires six hours, how on earth can I sit still for that long???

Don't worry! I can't sit still for that long either! Every hour will be 50 minutes of class, then during the 10-minute break, we'll do gentle standing stretches for the whole body; or, you can check your email on your iPhone, chat with a friend or enjoy a cup of tea -- your choice. Really! It will get very fun.

Satisfies NCBTMB's 6-hour ethics requirement



Private Lessons

Thai Massage: Private Teaching Sessions

How do private teaching sessions work?
I charge $160 for a two-hour teaching session. I charge the same for one person as for two, giving you some options. Some students opt to bring in an existing client as a model, who then splits the cost of the session. Some find other students who also want to learn Thai massage with whom to split the cost. The advantage of a study buddy is that you then receive Thai massage for half of the session, enabling you to feel each move. You also then have someone with whom to practice outside of class.

How many sessions does it take?
The answer varies widely based on how committed you are as a student to practicing this work outside of class. My preference is to work in two-hour sessions no more than once or twice a month, giving you a chance to absorb, integrate and practice the moves. It may take you years to feel comfortable with the work, but by then you will know it in your bones.

The Thai Massage Workbook gives you an excellent study guide, with drawings and detailed text.

Please contact me with any other questions.



Enjoy a few quotes from my past students...

"Kay's class was excellent! Her materials are well put together and easy to follow with clear instructions...I highly recommend this course..."

"Kay worked with everyone and made sure that we "got it." Money well spent."

"The best part...was your cheerful, energetic and caring attitude! I don't think it would matter what you were teaching, it would be fun!"

"What I liked the best is the relaxed environment for massage and an articulate and effective instructor."

"Loved your class Kay! I use a lot of the stretches in my massages and my clients love it! They say that my massages have gone to another level. The whole experience was wonderful for me. Thank you Kay for being a great teacher and giving so much of yourself."


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