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The Passive Stretch DVD

Table Thai and More for the Massage Professional
A step-by-step guide to safe and effective stretches on the massage table for every part of your client's body.

I've been collecting stretches since 1988, adapting from many different sources, modifying them as needed.

These safe and effective stretches have been field tested until each one fills a specific need, addressing every part of the client's body. All can be done with the client draped or clothed, awake or asleep. Depending on your goals, you can work a few stretches into a table massage or create a routine using them all.

In teaching workshops I continue to be amazed at the creative problem-solving ability of my fellow therapists, and have shamelessly borrowed, adapted and included all of our best moves. Our work evolves, adjusts, responds to feedback and is thereby refreshed and revitalized as long as we stay open and willing to explore and change.


  • Stretches for the Seated Client &
  • Self-Stretches for the Massage Therapist
$39.95* includes shipping.
(*WA State residents add $3.52 sales tax)
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